I Gatcha XD..

A little story comes along with this post.  Kissy, my wifey, was going crazy a few days back at some gatcha spot.  I told her pretty much that I thought she was nuts..I don’t really give in to the lure that is the gatcha.  So a couple days later I kept hearing about this event and finally gave in to take a look.  Pretty much, I fail XD!  I went spend happy when I saw some of the cuteness!  It’s called the Project RandoMuseum and ya need to check it out!  Each vendor has a few pictures up.  The frame on the bottom has the gatcha items, which you will win one of.. or if you are lucky you will win a randomuesum normal card.  The normal card gets you the special prize in the picture above the regular gatcha verndor and you tp to the creators store to pick it up.  If you’re reallllly lucky, you will win the randomuseum multi card.  I was lucky enough to win one XD!  With this card you are given the choice of any vendors prize in the event!!  It’s fun, lots of great items..so once again go check it out!  Here are a few items I picked up as well as the uber cute tiny monster fit my wifey nabbed.

❤ the wifey


Skin: AMD Gaia – Carmel

Hair: fri.day Tatum – Cynical Black

Chest Tat: Pixel Barbie – Screensaver Face ❤

Sleeves Tat: Para Designs – Eternal

Shirt: SiSSi Moxy Midriff Tank – Coal

Pants: Pivaaca – Fisherman Pants @ Randomuseum!!

Glasses: Reek – Park Shades

Tongue: Cobrahive Tongue – Type 02 Pierced

Nails: Mstyle Long Nails v2 – Obscure Matt

Tape: Sinistyle – Taped Fist

Shoes: Pivaaca – Ethnic Slip-on 02 @ Randomuseum!!


Av: Coyura Creation – Tiny Monster @ Randomuseum!!